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A Multi-Track Program Focused on Everything Therapy and Rehab

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Take a deep dive with TherapyCon Bootcamps

Designed to supercharge your skills and knowledge, our bootcamp program offers a deep dive into the Raintree application, giving you a head start before the main conference even begins.

Led by Raintree instructors, the bootcamp sessions provide hands-on learning, interactive exercises, and invaluable insights to help you master Raintree. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your expertise or a newcomer eager to gain a competitive edge, our Pre-Conference Bootcamp Program is your gateway to unlocking new levels of success. Seize this opportunity to expand your horizons, connect with peers, and kick-start your conference experience with a bang!

Conference Tracks

TherapyCon’s educational program includes five captivating tracks tailored to empower every attendee.

Delve into a carefully curated blend of industry insights, market education, and cutting-edge product sessions, ensuring a well-rounded and transformative experience. Designed to align with various job roles and functions, these expertly crafted tracks equip your entire team with the knowledge and insights needed to excel in their respective domains.

The Business Operations track is designed for professionals who want to improve the operational efficiency and profitability of their therapy and rehab organizations. This track covers various topics, including financial management, strategic planning, marketing, and human resources. Attendees will gain practical insights and strategies for managing financial resources, developing a strategic plan, marketing their services, and managing human resources effectively.

The Clinical Efficiency track is designed for practitioners who want to optimize clinical workflows, reduce inefficiencies, and improve patient outcomes. This track covers various topics: process improvement, workflow optimization, data analytics, and clinical decision-making. Attendees will gain practical insights and strategies for improving clinical efficiency, enhancing patient safety, and delivering high-quality care.

The Patient Journey track is designed for providers and teams who want to enhance the patient experience and improve outcomes. This track covers various topics, including patient engagement, communication, experience design, and patient satisfaction. Attendees will gain practical insights and strategies for creating a patient-centered environment that prioritizes patient satisfaction and engagement.

The Revenue Cycle track is designed for practitioners and billers who want to improve their revenue cycle management (RCM) process and maximize their revenue potential. This track covers various topics, including billing and coding, reimbursement, patient financial engagement, and practice management. Attendees will walk away with the tools and knowledge they need to optimize their RCM process and increase revenue in their practices.

The Regulatory, Compliance, & Security track is designed for practitioners, IT professionals, and compliance officers who want to stay up-to-date on the latest regulations and security threats affecting the therapy and rehab industry. This track covers various topics, including HIPAA compliance, data security, regulatory updates, and risk management.

NEW! WKYUAN what keeps you up at night

(New to the program)

A series of dynamic roundtable discussions to tackle your burning challenges head-on!

Engage with your peers in invigorating conversations covering a broad spectrum of topics, from business and finance to technology and health. Dive into shared experiences, unlock valuable insights, and share best practices that address your most pressing concerns. Embrace this extraordinary opportunity to broaden your horizons, explore diverse perspectives, and find innovative solutions that elevate both your personal and professional realms.

Raintree solution updates

Immerse yourself in the future of Raintree with our exclusive Solution Update sessions.

Get a firsthand look at what lies ahead as we unveil our vision and share our exciting 12-month outlook. Experience the thrill of discovering new and upcoming products through captivating highlights, and most importantly, have your voice heard by providing valuable feedback directly to our Raintree product leaders.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and shape the future of Raintree’s offerings.

Solution Update Sessions:

Raintree Tips & Tricks

Unleash the full potential of Raintree in our Tips and Tricks sessions.

Discover invaluable strategies to boost productivity, streamline workflows, and unlock the untapped potential of your solution. Join the Raintree team as they unveil best practice guidelines, sharing their expert insights on both beloved classics and exciting new tools. Get ready to embark on a journey of optimization and take your Raintree experience to new heights.

Tips & Tricks Sessions: